Endodontics (Root Canals)

Endo Files Photo When trauma or infection affects the health of a tooth, a root canal may be a viable option to save the tooth and minimize the chance of pain and loss. Typically, a root canal is completed in one appointment, usually in less than one hour, but there are some situations when it may take more than one appointment to complete the root canal successfully. A root canal is needed to save a tooth when it has uncontrolled inflammation present inside its tissues. This inflammation can be a result of trauma, decay (most common), or a general infection in the mouth.

Tooth Abscess Photo Circles show dark abscess infection area

The nerves and blood vessels for the tooth are tightly contained inside the tooth and because of this, any inflammation can ultimately lead to tooth loss, if not treated. If this inflammation is too severe, it may not be possible to adequately numb the tooth, clean it out, or properly dry the canals in order to achieve a proper seal. If these objectives cannot be met, a second appointment once the inflammation has been reduced may be necessary in order to complete the procedure successfully. If this happens to you, don’t be discouraged. The added step and extra precautions will dramatically increase the chances of a successful root canal procedure and continued health and comfort of your mouth. Modern techniques also help to simplify the process, getting you back to normal in no time.

Completed root canal: white area is where canals have been cleaned and sealed.

The infection has been removed and the pain is gone.

Completed Root Canal Photo

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