Dental Extractions

Dental Instrument Though no one wants to lose a tooth, it is sometimes necessary to remove a failed tooth to protect the health of the remaining teeth and tissues. Tooth extraction is typically done right here in our office in minimal time.

Bone Loss Photo Dark area around tooth is severe bone loss
  • Common reasons for tooth extraction:
  • Fracture tooth that is beyond repair
  • Severe tooth decay or large cavities
  • Advanced gum or bone disease that lost tooth support
  • Severe infection or failed root canal procedure
  • To stop pain when no other options are available
Post-extraction Photo After tooth extraction and healing
  • Other reasons that teeth are extracted, not always associated with disease:
  • Orthodontists sometimes need additional space to straighten teeth
  • Patient desires to have a complete denture, so any remaining teeth would be removed
  • Some baby teeth that haven’t been lost and are preventing the adult teeth from emerging

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