Implant Dentistry

Implant Photo There are a variety of reasons why a tooth may be lost. Whether from decay, trauma, gum disease, or other causes, the loss of a tooth often has a tremendous impact on our smile, your interactions with other people, and your ability to eat. The option to replace a missing tooth offers our patients a chance to restore the aesthetics and functionality to the mouth. Traditionally, though, this meant multiple trips to the oral surgeon, in addition to multiple visits to the dental office to complete the restorative process.

Implant X-ray Photo Dental Implant after placement in bone

As technology has evolved in the last several years, new techniques and equipment are changing the implant process as we once knew it. We are thrilled to now be able to offer this valuable service to our patients completely in-house. Our Galileos 3D Scanner, combined with our CEREC restoration equipment, affords us the ability to complete the entire implant process and final restoration in the office—often in just four short office visits—at a lower cost than the average oral surgeon fee. This technology allows us to complete a very precise and safe surgical procedure for our patients all in the comfort of our office. It also allows us to have total control over every step of the process to best ensure the great results you are expecting from us. With 3D imaging, we are able to see a patient’s unique oral anatomy and create a computer-guided plan for precise placement of the implant. We map all vital nerves and blood vessels in the area and position the implant in the ideal location.

Galileos Photo
    The typical implant process involves the following appointment steps:
  • 3D Scan to evaluate bone and impression for implant guide (15 minute appointment)
  • Implant is placed in a precise and safe environment (45-60 minute appointment)
  • Impression for treatment crown and shade matching (20 minute appointment)
  • Treatment crown is placed on implant for final result (40 minute appointment)
Implant Photo View of implant crowns in mouth
Completed Implant Photo Two completed dental implants with crowns

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