Spring Whitening Special Spring Whitening Sale (sale ongoing) – offered by Dr. Unger

Many of you have recently asked for our recommendations for safe and effective ways to whiten your teeth. There are several options available to you:

  • White Strips: The simplest option would be to try the whitening strips (Crest or Rembrandt) that are available at your local drug store. For some people, these products offer good results at a convenient lower cost.
  • Custom Bleach Trays: For the most safe and effective way to fully whiten your teeth, we recommend having custom bleach trays made specifically for your smile. We make these trays right in our office with just a simple impression mold of your teeth, and we can usually have them ready for you the very same day. We also provide you with enough bleach to reach your whitening goals. Later on when you want to refresh your whitening, we offer the professional strength whitening gel to you at or below the cost of the white strips. Plus, you can do the whitening when it is convenient to you—at home or on the go. New research has also shown that regular bleaching can minimize acid damage to teeth and help prevent tooth decay, especially in patients with orthodontic braces.

Dr. Unger is currently offering a special on custom trays and whitening gel. Now patients can purchase the trays and gel for $249, a savings of over $150. Please note that this special offer is only available through Dr. Unger. Call the office at 330-497-4000 today to schedule an appointment. You can also email Dr. Unger directly at dr.unger@northcantondental.com if you have any other questions about the process.

Note: We did want to mention about in-office bleaching or 1-hour “zoom-like” whitening systems as we are asked these questions very often. The systems that are currently available do provide very quick results some of the time, but not without the risk of potentially dangerous side effects. To bleach your teeth in 1 hour or less, a very strong bleaching formula must be used. There have been reports of severe chemical burns to the teeth and gum tissue even when extreme caution is used. Your goal should be to look better after the bleaching, not worse. Severe sensitivity almost always follows these “instant” bleaching systems. And with higher costs to the patients and only short-lasting results, you often find yourself spending a lot more money by bleaching more often than you expected, each visit requiring the same 1 hour appointment. For all of these reasons, we do not offer this service in our office.

Spring Whitening Special New Patient Digital 3D Scan - Now ONLY $105

At your first dental examination, you will have the opportunity to receive the most advanced digital imaging scan completed for the same price as our traditional 2D panoramic x-ray. 3-Dimensional Imaging allows us to see details of your head and neck anatomy like never before. We can diagnose problems sooner and with more accuracy.

Interested in dental implants to replace missing teeth? This scan gives us the precise details needed for perfect implant placement. For additional information on 3D Digital Imaging, visit our Advanced Dental Technology section.

Call 330-497-4000 or email us today for more details.

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