Advanced Dental Technology

Just because something is “advanced,” “state of the art,” or “the best available,” don’t ever assume that it is too expensive for you to afford. We hear it all the time. Wow, that new equipment you have is amazing! The results seem so much better, but will it cost me more? It always makes us smile when we can honestly say, “actually our services cost the same as they did when we did things the old way, plus now we can do the service in one simple appointment instead of two.”

We are very selective when choosing the newest dental technology to improve our levels of care. We want to provide better service for you, with faster and more predictable results that you are looking for. “New” does not always equal “better.” It takes time for advances to prove themselves to be actual improvements. And now we are proud to offer some of the best.

Galileos 3D Advanced Imaging

Sirona Dental has created one of the most advanced Cone Beam 3-D scans available for dental offices. We are fortunate enough to have one and have been trained to maximize its benefits to our patients. In fact, we are just one of a very small number of dental offices in Ohio to have this machine.

3D CT Scan Image

This technology allows us to see our patient’s head, jaw, and teeth in 3-dimensional accuracy. We can use this information to improve every dental service we offer. We can evaluate bone sites for implants, which allows us to then plan and complete the procedure entirely in our office. We can evaluate teeth for decay, abscess infections, and bone loss. Sinus and TMJ issues can be seen more clearly than ever before. Dimensional imaging improves the efficiency and success of root canal procedures and dramatically improves evaluation of extraction sites. Simply put, this is one of the greatest improvements to dental care in the last 100 years.

But even with all of these improvements, many patients still hesitate about the radiation exposure. Good news! Since this is digital equipment, the radiation much is less than expected. In simple terms, you would get more radiation exposure from the sun on a flight from New York to Los Angeles than you would get from this device. It is the equivalent of six normal dental x-ray pictures, and it is completed in fewer than 15 seconds.

CEREC (single-appointment esthetic crowns)


If you have ever had a traditional porcelain crown done, then you know the process can take multiple visits, messy impressions, unreliable temporaries, and sometimes less-than-natural-looking results. Now imagine having a completely natural-looking, all-ceramic bonded crown specifically made to match your teeth in only one visit. And as you can expect from us, it only costs the same as a traditional porcelain crown. Again, Sirona Dental has perfected their latest model in the world of CAD/CAM restorations. The CEREC BlueCam offers simple, aesthetic crowns in under two hours, start to finish. No messy impressions. Custom-milled, all-ceramic restorations. Completely natural-looking. CEREC crowns just cannot be beat.

DIAGNOdent® (Laser cavity detection)

Diagnodent by Kavo Dental

Why not use technology to help us find cavities before they turn into bigger problems? The DIAGNOdent by Kavo Dental does just that. It allows us to find cavities early on and stop them before they do any more damage to your teeth. This laser tool measures the depth and density of the areas where cavities can often be overlooked. It helps us to decide if these grooves are darker due to stain or due to the early stages of a cavity. Then we can take the steps to stop the cavity before further damage.

Soft Tissue Lasers

Soft Tissue Laser

Most people know about lasers in dental care, but few have seen the benefits themselves. These tools promote faster healing after surgery, allow for simple removal of excess tissue, and even improve anti-bacterial and anti-viral treatments. We also see benefits in periodontal and root canal therapies as well as reduction in viral infections like cold sores.

GT Endodontic RC Therapy

Endo Files

Not all technology has to involve computers and lasers. Used in connection with our advanced imaging, GT Endo files and rotary handpieces simplify a root canal procedure like never before. We are able to see better, clean the tooth canals more thoroughly, and get you back to comfort and infection-free in no time.

Piezo Ultrasonic Scalers and Cleaners

Piezo Handpiece

High frequency vibration and non-cutting hand tools allow for a better, safer service for your next professional cleaning appointment. Often considered by many patients to be a more comfortable and more effective cleaning procedure, these tools help us to better remove hard calculus deposits and stubborn stains from your teeth. You are left with a bright and fresh smile to share with the world.

Schick Low-dose Digital X-rays

X-ray sensor image

X-ray pictures are an essential part of a comprehensive dental exam. Without this valuable information, we can only guess at what is going on underneath the surface of your teeth and gums. Improvements in digital technology make this part of your exam safer and more effective than ever before. Like digital cameras, digital x-ray sensors give us higher resolutions and near-instant photos as compared to film images. They are more sensitive and require much less radiation exposure—roughly just 20% of what we see with traditional film x-rays. It is an improvement no matter which way you look at it. (Schick Dental)

DigiDoc IntraOral Digital Cameras

Digital IntraOral Camera
Digital IntraOral Camera

Why should a patient have to take our word on what we are seeing in their mouth when they can now see it for themselves? A picture truly is worth a thousand words when it comes to conveying what is wrong with a tooth. Intraoral cameras allow us to take a detailed picture of the problem area and discuss it directly with you while we both view it on a monitor screen. When we are able to see the problem more clearly, it becomes much easier to create a treatment plan to solve the issue. (Digi-Doc)

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